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Jen Bielema’s ‘#Karma’ tweet has aged unbelievably poorly

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She’d probably like to have this one back if she could.

Sometimes, tweets don’t age well. That’s exactly what happened to this tweet from Bret Bielema’s wife, Jen.

Wisconsin’s now on the doorstep of the College Football Playoff needing only two more wins, and the Hogs are 4-8. Bret Bielema has been fired by Arkansas, and there’s also this about the broader context of the four years since the tweet.

Jen let that hashtag fly after a tough loss by the Badgers, and it made sense then because there were some hard feelings.

Bret Bielema has taken great pains to describe his decision to leave Wisconsin for Arkansas as amicable to all sides, though Badgers athletic director Barry Alvarez hasn't been so kind. Bielema has engaged in repeated Twitter skirmishes with Wisconsin fans since his departure, disputes which could be the reason for his wife's tweet of perceived karmic comeuppance.

If you’re not a fan of either Bielema, there’s an argument that this is its own brand of karma. Bret was fired literally on the field.

The Bielemas will now head to another job somewhere else no doubt hoping for good karma this time around.