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Barry Switzer blames Baker Mayfield's crotch grab on Madonna and Michael Jackson

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Uh, OK!

Oklahoma quarterback and Heisman Trophy frontrunner Baker Mayfield didn’t start on his senior day against West Virginia, after an eventful day last weekend against Kansas. That included taunts, scuffles, and a well-publicized crotch grab.

So coach Lincoln Riley benched Mayfield to start the game, and he sat out just two plays. One of Riley’s OU predecessors, Barry Switzer, places the blame on Madonna and Michael Jackson.

“Hey, you know, I blame it on Madonna and Michael Jackson. They started all that grabbing the crotch years ago, and it’s been on social media. Everybody sees it. We see it in the movies. We see it every day out there,” Switzer says.

“So, all of a sudden, everybody gives me this: ‘Hey, he’s an insult. We oughta fire him. We oughta kick him off the team.’ They’re idiots, and thank God they’re not the coach of the Oklahoma Sooners. How about that?”

At least the latter part of that seems pretty true to me. I don’t think crotch-grabbing taunts are good, but they’re also not serious crimes with real victims.

Mayfield has apologized, by the way.