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Duke's bowl eligibility celebration was literally a bowling celebration

Looks like a strike to me.

Duke beat Wake Forest, 31-23. The Blue Devils are bowl eligible after the big win, and defensive back Brandon Feamster had the perfect celebration.

Wake Forest has had a pretty good season so far, but it wasn’t enough on the season’s final day.

The first half was largely really good. Our defense balled out and the offense did a good job capitalizing on the short field to at one point be up 17-3. What followed was an exhibition in one team deciding “Meh, we don’t need this game” and the other sideline doing everything in their power to get it. Offensive playcalling was baffling. John Wolford looked rattled. Guys got banged up. We weren’t aggressive when we should have been. The coaches played not to lose.

I will say as far as celebrations go, this still might not top Virginia’s bowl eligibility celebration from a couple weeks ago.

A helmet is one thing, but the full on somersaulting here is impressive. On the other hand, Duke had more bodies in its celebration. Wrangling that many people after a game when everyone’s excited about the result of the game is impressive in its own right.

There’s also much more commitment to the brand by Duke. Those guys are really embracing the role of the pin, and it cannot be understated how important commitment to the role is in acting.

Enjoy the bowl game, Blue Devils.