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WELP, Alabama completely botched another field goal against Auburn

Alabama special teams continue to be special.

Alabama’s special teams continue to be extra special, folks. Late in the third quarter of Saturday afternoon’s game against Auburn, Tide kicker Andy Pappanastos lined up to attempt a 35-yard field goal. The snap, though, was completely botched, leaving the holder, punter JK Scott, with no choice but to pick it up and run with it, and throw it for a pass short of the first down.

The field goal, if Pappanastos would have made it, would have cut Alabama’s deficit to 20-17, but instead it gave Auburn the ball back on its own 26-yard line. It’s no secret that Alabama has struggled on special teams in this game before — in 2013, one of the most unbelievable plays in all of college football, the Kick Six, happened when Auburn ran back a missed field goal to win 34-28.

Auburn had the opportunity to score off this Alabama mishap, and it did to take a 26-14 lead, which was the final score to the Auburn victory. This mistake on the field goal snap proved to be quite costly after coming up empty on the scoreboard for Bama, to say the least.