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After beating South Carolina by 24, Clemson trolled the Gamecocks by playing ‘Sandstorm’ in the locker room

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Song-stealin’ is college football’s fastest-growing trend!

If you just beat your biggest rival by four scores, why not troll them like this? Clemson beat the heck out of South Carolina, winning 34-10 in Columbia on Saturday night. After the victory in the locker room, the Tigers played “Sandstorm,” which is the same song that South Carolina comes out of the tunnel to during home games.

We’ve seen a lot of song-trollin’ over the last few weeks. On Saturday, Auburn trolled Alabama after winning the Iron Bowl by playing two Crimson Tide songs, and that was two weeks after they did the same thing to Georgia.

Using the song as the Gamecocks’ entrance one is pretty cool, to say the least — here’s the gist of it, which gets the South Carolina crowd hype AF:

Clemson using it in spite of South Carolina can’t make the Gamecock fanbase feel any better. Speaking of those fans, during the blowout loss they were throwing trash and bottles onto the field, which apparently gave Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when he animatedly asked the refs for a penalty to be thrown.