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Somehow, Lane Kiffin’s Twitter account is the real winner of Tennessee’s coaching search

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God bless this search.

In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen Tennessee’s coaching search go from Mike Gundy, to Purdue’s Jeff Brohm, to NC State head coach Dave Doeren.

One thing that’s remained constant since Butch Jones’ firing is Vol fans being open to the idea that former UT head coach Lane Kiffin could make a return, despite the vehement reaction when he left in 2009.

Wednesday night, Kiffin threw this meme into the Twitterverse with no context.

Earlier Wednesday, former Vol quarterback Erik Ainge tweeted a screenshot of Twitter DMs with Kiffin himself, and it’s not exactly the best look for Ainge:

My favorite part is Kiffin’s short “Never said I wanted to” response that prompted Ainge to share this.

Tennessee fans certainly had a field day with the Ainge tweet:

My personal favorite — reminding Ainge of this two interceptions he threw in the 2007 SEC Championship.

Kiffin’s denial of this Vols rumor only made fans leap in his mentions to start begging him to return:

And all the way back to the beginning of the search, he was messing with Vols on Twitter.

Kiffin hasn’t been hiding the fact that he’s happy at FAU, despite Vol fans being open to his return.

In the middle of a Greg Schiano protest outside one of the Vols’ athletic buildings, a protester was holding this:

The famous rock that sits outside of Neyland Stadium on Tennessee’s campus that had the words “F*ck you Lane Kiffin” painted on it after he left in 2009 also has apparently forgiven him:

Lane had fun with this, too:

As Tennessee is flailing, Kiffin’s just sitting on his phone in Boca doing it for the retweets and winning the new cycle.