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ESPN cameras show Florida coach Randy Shannon while going to break (except it's not him)

They all look alike.

Florida scored in Randy Shannon’s first game as interim head coach (extending the nation’s longest scoring streak). Naturally, that would lead the SEC Network’s announcers to bring that point up, and highlight it while going to break.

“Randy Shannon’s Gators get their first points of the interim era with a field goal decision.” The problem is that the coach they showed was definitely not Randy Shannon. He is having the standard head coach rah-rah pick ‘em up as his team comes back to the sideline though.

ESPN also had this happen with Broncos coach Vance Joseph during a Monday night game earlier this season. At least they caught the mistake pretty quickly.

And they’re not the only people with the case of mistaken identity. Our photo tool actually doesn’t know which is the real Randy Shannon, either, pulling photos of receivers coach Kerry Dixon as well as strength coach Rashad Hill when you search for UF’s interim head man.

I’m sure Dixon or Hill would be flattered to be the head coach of Florida, but no, Shannon’s in charge, at least for the rest of the regular season. He looks like this today: