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At Washington State, Stanford played in the snow for the first time since WHEN? (1936)

An incredible weather streak is now over.

No. 21 Stanford is visiting No. 25 Washington State in Pullman on Saturday. It’s a huge Pac-12 North game, and I hope this doesn’t throw the Cardinal off:

That note’s from Stanford’s sports information director, who’s in charge of knowing exactly this kind of cool, weird thing. FOX’s broadcast team said the snow stopped a little while after that, but it definitely was snowing for at least a little:

You can see it a bit here:

San Francisco, the major city closest to Stanford’s campus in Palo Alto, recently went 35 years without snowfall. It’s a little wild that Stanford’s travels haven’t it taken into flurries at least once, but it’s geographically believable.

One would think that the current Pac-12 North alignment, which requires the Cardinal to make regular trips to Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State, would make it hard for Stanford to ever go this long without playing in the snow again.

The snow doesn’t seem to be bugging Stanford’s star running back, Bryce Love. He had a 52-yard touchdown run in the first quarter, which is just what he does.