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Washington State fan strips in the end zone just as Cougars score a touchdown

Fan on the field!

Let’s see what’s going on in this top-25 matchup on Saturday between Washington State and Stanford in ...


Washington State scored a touchdown, and this dude jumped out of the stands to show his butt to Stanford’s defensive backs. He’s wearing Calvin Klein underpants and not showing off a full moon or anything, but that’s still a hell of a statement.

The fan was presumably ejected. I’m sure he’s very broken up about it.

Also, the mascot celebrated with him:

Previously in Washington State Fans Doing Things, here are these kids racing in human chariots for homecoming:

And here’s a guy chugging Fireball in the stands:

And here’s a guy eating popcorn in the stands:

And here’s a guy in a sombrero and not much else:

Also, Cougs fans once drank an Alabama city pretty much dry.

I didn’t go to Wazzu, but I often wish I did.