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Iowa State-West Virginia was briefly delayed by LASERS

People keep sneaking these things into stadiums.

Folks, WE’VE GOT LASERS IN MORGANTOWN. As Iowa State and West Virginia tried to play a football game, someone got fancy with the lasers in the crowd. It very briefly derailed the game as they tried to figure out where things were coming from.

Lasers are banned in most stadiums. At Mountaineer field, the admission policy reads like this:

To ensure the safety, comfort, and convenience of our guests, the following items may not be brought into the stadium: coolers, laser pointers, alcoholic beverages, artificial noisemakers, aerosol and spray cans, mace and pepper sprays, selfie sticks, umbrellas, weapons, and any other items determined to be harmful or disruptive.

That doesn’t stop people from bringing them in, obviously. Fans can actually shoot these into players’ eyes if they’re accurate enough. Jameis Winston learned the hard way in the ACC championship Game a few years ago.

It happened a few years ago at a Baylor game too.

Relax with the lasers, everyone.