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NC State's master heel straight-up stole the towel off Clemson's QB

Stealing is wrong, but towel thefts are hilarious.

NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb is one of the best defenders in college football. He’s also a master troll, and he kept up that reputation with this act of mischief:

Chubb went up to Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant after a play and calmly made off with the guy’s hand towel. Bryant noticed this theft, obviously, and followed Chubb to the line of scrimmage. The Clemson signal-caller didn’t back down and eventually reclaimed the towel after its short time in captivity, so good for him.

(An Ohio defensive back is the country’s preeminent towel thief.)

It’s Chubb’s third heel-like act of the season.

The first was spitting on Florida State’s logo after winning a game in Tallahassee:

The second was this world-class flop:

And now this. Chubb’s one of the best trolls in the country.

He’s also an elite player, and one of the biggest reasons NC State entered the weekend ranked No. 20 by the Playoff selection committee. He previously played with a badly mangled finger against Pitt and dominated while he was doing it.