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Iowa ran this incredible fake field goal play, then scored with a DL draped over its QB

On two plays, the Hawkeyes officially put the hammer down on the Buckeyes.

Don’t ever say ol’ Kirk Ferentz doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve. That crafty son of a gun schemed up this play on a fourth down to bamboozle Ohio State.

Long snapper Tyler Kluver has his moment here, and it’s an awesome. You can see how the formation gets Ohio State out of sorts, and the Buckeyes don’t really know what on earth to do. That’s how Kluver gets lost. You see how he pauses a beat before releasing? The sleight of hand here is elite.

And on the next play of the game, the Hawkeyes scored again.

Quarterback Nate Stanley makes this throw with a defender draped all over him. How he plants and fires this in, I don’t know, but Ferentz’s wizard magic knows no bounds today given the fact that the Hawkeyes were up 38-17 after Stanley’s throw.

Apparently you can’t stop Iowa. You can only hope to contain it.