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It’s Nov. 4, and Georgia has already clinched the SEC East title

The Dawgs are headed back to Atlanta.

South Carolina v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Georgia beat South Carolina, and then Ole Miss knocked off Kentucky at the buzzer, and therefore:

The game is almost an entire month away — Dec. 2, to be exact — in Atlanta’s new glorious monstrosity of a stadium. The Dawgs will likely face Alabama there. As of now, they’re the top two teams in the College Football Playoff rankings, and after the Big Ten’s horrific Saturday, speculation that both of them could make the CFP will only grow.

But all that’s still a month away because, as noted, the Dawgs just wrapped up their division with an entire month left.

For now, UGA’s likely to remain No. 1 in the rankings, since Alabama finally getting a chance at a decent W (LSU) will still be topped by Georgia’s win over No. 3 Notre Dame, which just beat a decent Wake Forest.

Next up for UGA — a challenging trip to Auburn, the two-loss team with the best shot at the Playoff.