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Dabo Swinney retorts to NC State head coach’s laptop allegation

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The Textile Bowl is hotter than ever, folks.

Among the things for Dave Doeren to be upset about after the Wolfpack lost to Clemson, one was an interesting piece of technology on Clemson’s sideline.

It makes sense for Doeren to think along these lines. Recently in sports espionage, the Boston Red Sox got fingered for using an Apple Watch on the sideline.

Rather than the usual strategy of simply having a runner on second base relay a catcher’s signs back to the batter at home plate, or have another team employee catch the signs on video before running to the dugout to relay the information so someone can then tell the batter about it, the Red Sox shortened their process by involving modern technology.

And of course we all remember WakeyLeaks.

Here was Clemson’s original explanation:

A few days later, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney weighed in for real:

That “towels” thing refers to this: NC State defensive lineman Bradley Chubb repeatedly trying to swipe from Clemson QB Kelly Bryant:

And of course, Doeren responded to Dabo’s towel rant:

For the uninitiated, Clemson’s social media squad crafts perhaps the best social media posts in the country.

The newest and most front-facing of these are social media departments. Gantt works alongside an assistant director, 12 to 15 students, and another full-time designer to serve all 19 sports at Clemson.

But they are at their best when it comes to football. Look no further than Clemson’s football Twitter account. Before Gantt’s arrival in 2013, it didn’t rank among college football’s 10 most-followed team accounts. It’s now No. 1.

That art isn’t getting done without technology close to the field. Coach Doeren’s gotta check his timeline more often.