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THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE, in which Ohio State and Penn State enter full panic mode

It’s your weekly tour of the most devastated in college football internet.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Week 10 was one of the best weeks of the college football season to date. It had a bunch of appealing games, even though major upsets were limited to the Big Ten.

We’ve reached the point in the year when every loss can send fans into an ocean of despair, either because a good season’s been ruined by a loss or a bad season’s become so unbearable that the coach must be fired. This post is a weekly tribute to those fans.

Ohio State (lost 55-24 at Iowa)

The Buckeyes suffered a football disembowelment. There’s no overstating how bad this was. It was arguably the worst loss Urban Meyer’s ever taken, complete with not only giving up 55 points to Iowa but the equally fun getting stunted on via special teams fakes in the fourth quarter. Let’s see how some Buckeyes took the defeat.

At the team’s Scout message board, one fan thinks the real problem is that Urban Meyer has become too devoted to his family.

Urbam Meyer's Contract With His Family

Meyer lost his edge when he signed his family contract to be less "hands-on". He needs to be all in.....or all out.

At r/OSU, someone worried about the school’s relationship with Papa John’s.

“Are we going to lose their sponsorship too,” the Redditor asked, and added this:

Buckeyes fans kept up a hot-and-cold relationship with their QB.

J.T. Barrett threw four interceptions, a week after he played nearly a perfect game and led a comeback win past then-No. 2 Penn State. Ohio State fans have long had what we’ll call a complicated relationship with the most prolific QB in their school’s history. They called for his benching after a Week 2 loss to Oklahoma, but they’d mostly come back to his side after he’d gone on a tear for two months.

So after Penn State a week ago, mea culpas abounded. At Scout, there was an “Official JT Apologize Thread.” At 247, “All JT haters and bashers get in this thread and eat your crow.”

Let’s see how those progressed on Saturday.

The real JT showed up against Iowa. The smart fans knew this was coming. JT isn't a champion and he's not even close to being a top Buckeye qb.


You ready to eat yours? Guy had A good game, let it get in his head. Dripping with arrogance all week.


JT Barrett is THE REASON we got completely embarrassed by an unranked Iowa team that was 5-3.

To be fair, Barrett didn’t do well in his role as OSU’s defensive coordinator.

Other Reddit threads about the guy who was a Heisman contender hours earlier are titled, “Just as I started to like Barrett, he embarrasses the state of Ohio” and “JT BARRETT is officially washed again.” Why anyone want to be an Ohio State Buckeye, I can’t fathom.

A reminder: OSU gave up 55 points and lost to Iowa.

How fans came to grips with that news in real time:

A day later, some were still struggling.

Is someone calling for this team to hire Chip Kelly?


Penn State (lost 27-24 at Michigan State)

Let’s see how this guy’s feeling about James Franklin, the coach who stewarded Penn State out of the end of its NCAA sanctioning and is 18-5 in the last two years:

Franklin Is Not The Guy

I’ve really been pulling for him because he seems like a decent man and he recruits well but I’m officially coming to grips with the fact that James Franklin is not the guy to lead us back to national prominence.

At some point you have to win the big game, and he’s showing himself more and now incapable of it with every opportunity.

We can hang our hat on one big Home win against an OSU team that was exposed by Clemson but what else do we really have? OSU 17, MSU 17, USC 16, Michigan 16, etc.

I’m not saying fire the guy because that would be absurd but it’s hard to see him ever coaching Penn St to the playoff

It was unclear if Penn State’s No. 2 national ranking, most recently achieved nine days ago, constituted a return to “national prominence.” But as an alum of a different Big Ten East school, let me just say that I agree. Penn State should move on.

Someone took issue with Franklin telling reporters after the game that in the future, he’d have a plan for a long weather delay like the one that interrupted this game.

Franklin will plan for 3 hour weather delays

Here's a nickel's worth of free advice JimBob: Don't waste your time developing a plan for an event that happens once every 50 years. Do spend more time with the game plan for an event that happens every Saturday. Don'tworry about a 3-hour and 22-minute weather delay. Do concentrate on what's going on during 3-hour and 22-minute football games. Don't talk with othercoaches. Do talk with your coaches, and demand an answer to one simple question - WTF? Don't dwell on the rain, but do lead your team out of their fog.

(Penn State ate pizza, which seemed fine.)

Is someone calling for this team to hire Chip Kelly?

Not this week, at least that I can find.

Texas A&M (lost 42-27 to Auburn)

First off:

Is someone calling for this team to hire Chip Kelly?

Plenty are, yes. Here’s one.

Kevin Sumlin isn’t the only Aggie on the hot seat. A couple of fans at TexAgs are turning up the heat on the Kyle Field public address announcer.

Was the Kyle Field PA announcer concussed during the Auburn game?

He announced two different runs by our running back #5 Trayveon Johnson, and an incomplete pass by #17 Trevor Knight...

Hopefully he has been placed under the proper concussion protocol.

One reply calls for his firing:

The guy make 8-9 mistakes a game. This has gone on all year. Mistaken names and incorrect numbers are the most common gaffes. I think he should be replaced before next year. My reasoning, at this level the announcer should have been doing this 10 Years plus. Do you really expect him to get any better after that much experience? Personally, I also don't care for his first down style.


Doesn't he have a spotter to feed him facts? I'm not exactly sure how it works. Fire the DJ and the Gameday Task Force. Make Kyle Field Great Again!

This one’s just some outside-the-box thinking, designed to get A&M a title: start a new football league and just win the title in that.

Aggie Arena Football Team

Since no one like my Canadian Football rules idea. Maybe you'll relate to this?

Lets start college arena football. The Aggies could be a founding team, maybe just start with two teams. That should increase the odds of winning a football Natty in our life time exponentially.

And here’s this:

We need a artist not a paint by numbers painter

I have often thought of the painter anology for KS and the what A&M needs as a head coach.

The brushes and paint are the same for each painter at the beginning but it is the individual ability to apply paint with the right brushes to develop a work of art. KS is a paint by numbers coach. We get a Rembrandt type of coach he will use the same tools as KS but the result will be a thing of beauty. .......a masterpiece.

Please let football people make the next hire!!

One poster thinks the Aggies should hire Gary Kubiak to replace Sumlin:

Gary Kubiak

I keep hearing about coaches we arent going to get; Richt, Saban, Meyer, Kelly. Also a lot of talk about another up and comer; Morris, Campbell, Norvell. Haven't heard any talk about Gary Kubiak. Seems like an excellent choice to me. I'm sure he wants back into a HC position. Great offensive resume. As long as he doesnt make Sherman's mistake in S&C. Thoughts?

Also being bandied about: former Raiders coach Dennis Allen and former A&M coach R.C. Slocum, now 72. (Lest you think that’s unrealistic, the Slocum idea is only as an interim.)

And there are separate threads suggesting that A&M could or should hire away the head coaches of both of Texas’ NFL teams: Bill O’Brien and Jason Garrett. Those are mostly joke threads, but the thing is, not everyone in them is joking.