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Buffalo defender tackles Bowling Green player with a WWE-style suplex

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Tuesday night wrasslin’!

This may not be in a wrestling ring, but we had ourselves some full-on WWE tacklin’ during Tuesday night’s #MACtion game between the Bowling Green Falcons and the Buffalo Bulls. In the first half, Buffalo defensive back Brandon Williams gave Bowling Green wide receiver Teo Redding a legit suplex:

This isn’t the first time in college football we’ve seen a tackle like this. Last year, former Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware delivered this merciless suplex:

He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for this play, unsurprisingly. Boulware wasn’t ever shy to pull out some wrestling moves on the gridiron during games. During last year’s Louisville game, he applied a chokehold to Cardinals’ QB Lamar Jackson.

We’ll see who the next defensive player is to break out the wrasslin’ moves on the field.