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Your Watch Grid guide to a loaded Week 11 of college football

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Your full TV/streaming schdeule for the FBS weekend, sorted by watchability.

Miami v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Week 11 might be the most important week of 2017’s regular season, maybe even topping HATE WEEK in overall stakes, if not raw emotion. As always, it takes a while to get rolling, but Saturday is so loaded, “three top-10 games” really undersells it.

Below, the Watch Grid attempts to sort your weekend based on each time slot's watchability. (Weeknight games removed, for your Saturday convenience.)

Thursday, Nov. 9 college football schedule

Ball State-NIU (7 p.m ET, CBSSN/, Georgia Southern-Appalachian State (7:30, ESPNU/WatchESPN), and North Carolina-Pitt (7:30, ESPN/WatchESPN) are grim options. Watch the NBA or The Office season 2.

Friday, Nov. 10 college football schedule

No. 9 Washington at Stanford (10:30 p.m. ET, FS1/Fox Sports Go) is a WATCHer. Temple-Cincinnati (7, ESPN2/WatchESPN) and BYU-UNLV (10:30, ESPN2/WatchESPN) are not.

Saturday, Nov. 11 college football schedule

Early shift

The almost certain Big Ten East title game, backed by a group that would’ve been a good-enough heap of East Coast nooners anyway. That Big 12 game could end up being for a spot in the conference title game.

Middle shift

Either UGA clamps even harder on the No. 1 ranking and sustains a scenario in which it loses the SEC title game and still makes the Playoff, or Auburn’s bid to become the first-ever two-loss Playoff team is officially a thing. Elsewhere, Wisconsin faces its toughest test yet (by far?).

Pre-late shift

Bama stomping on MSU will probably not be funny, but here’s what will be: that’ll suddenly become Bama’s best win on the entire year so far.

Actual late shift

One rule of The Watch Grid: only one WATCH THIS game at a time. That rule has to be broken this week, obviously. Either the Canes shut down their many skeptics, or the Irish move within two wins of a certain Playoff trip, and there’s a Big 12 eliminator at the same damn time. Even the worst game in this group has Khalil Tate in it. Let’s get after it.