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Your Watch Grid guide to college football’s CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY

Below, TV and streaming info for the final Saturday before bowl season locks into place.

Alabama v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Hey! How’d you like to roll up and watch the most crucial weekend of the college football season! I bet you would!

In the FBS, we have conference title weekend, in which every league comes down to a final game (or set of games, if you’re the Sun Belt), with postseason implications all over. Saturday’s four Power 5 title games directly impact the College Football Playoff. This is dang near a quarterfinal weekend. All that stuff’s broken down over here.

FCS playoffs are also rolling, though this is the week when the eight top seeds host teams that already had to play last week. Still, there’ll be an upset or two.

Below, the Watch Grid attempts to sort your weekend by watchability, with viewing info for each game. (Weeknight business removed, for your Saturday convenience. USC beat Stanford to win the Pac-12 on Friday night, which likely has no Playoff bearing.)

Saturday, Dec. 2 college football schedule

The AAC title game (Memphis-UCF) is extremely close to WATCH THIS, and would be if not for the Big 12 title game on at the same time. The CFP committee’s decided mid-majors aren’t eligible for the Playoff at this time, but there is still a big spot in a New Year’s Six game on the line. And there’ll be like 110 points!

The same might be the case in the Big 12 game, where TCU might make the whole conference look really silly, as envisioned almost three years ago!

The schedule does pretty much clear out during the SEC title game, though if one team piles up a big lead, you’ll have FCS games on your second screen.

In the night spot, the rule gets broken: two WATCH THIS games at once, with the ACC and Big Ten title games kicking off at the same time, as is apparently custom. (I’m sorry, AAC, but I didn’t want to break the rule twice in one day.)

The day’s other frustrating custom: the Mountain West Championship being buried by two highly consequential Power 5 title games. WHY CAN’T THAT GAME KICK OFF AT 10 P.M. ET? It would get sooooooooo much more attention, as people turn away from the two P5 games, hoping for a little more football before Selection Sunday hits. But nope, the MWC is already done. THIS IS THE ONE NIGHT ALL YEAR EVERYONE AGREES THE MWC GAME SHOULD KICK OFF EXTREMELY LATE. I’m already upset.

Anyway, as soon as that wave’s done, it’s time to argue about the 2017 season’s Playoff field for somewhere between 12 hours and 12 years!