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Tennessee’s Rock sums up the Vols’ coaching search disaster in 5 words

Find the lie.

Tennessee’s coaching search might’ve already been the most botched of all time, and there’s no telling how close it is to running its course. The whole thing might’ve already cost the university more than $14 million, and the Vols are burning through so many potential candidates, the internet’s running out of jokes about it.

So let’s turn to the true pulse of Knoxville: The Rock, a 51-year-old campus icon upon which people write things.

The latest update sums it all up.

After reports of AD John Currie being fired and the Vols missing out on Mike Leach amid a power struggle involving former head coach Phillip Fulmer and Vols booster Jimmy Haslam, who owns the Cleveland Browns:

But The Rock has been bringing the takes for this entire search.

During the Greg Schiano debacle, which (among many other things) involved trotting out a former head coach of the Bucs but not the one UT fans had been pining over for a decade:

After the Schiano debacle:

That was quite a contrast to The Rock’s stance when Lane Kiffin bolted in the middle of the night for the USC job almost a decade earlier, but Kiffin understandably looks great to the Vols at this point:

Tune in soon to see The Rock’s next take.