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Scott Frost and his entire Knights staff will coach UCF in the bowl game, and there don’t seem to be hard feelings in Orlando

It’ll be a New Year’s Six game, and Frost & Co. are seeing it through to the end with their team.

NCAA Football: Central Florida at Navy Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Frost is going home — heading to coach at his alma mater, Nebraska, after two years at UCF. But he’s not going yet because he’s got unfinished business.

This isn’t exactly a rarity — it’s much more common for coaches of actual Playoff contenders to stick around and coach their teams through the national championship game. Both Kirby Smart and Jim McElwain did that for Alabama. Lane Kiffin attempted to, but we all remember how that ended.

It’s nice to see a coach who is moving on attempt to see things through like this with his squad, and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of hard feelings at UCF.

This will be slightly different than other coaches sticking it out with their former teams with the early signing period coming a few days before Christmas. Coaching two teams is hard enough, and we’ll see how Frost & Co. will balance trying to actually get part of a recruiting class signed rather than just keeping tabs on them and making contact over the phone.