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Jimbo Fisher talks so fast, watching closed captions try to keep up is exhilarating TV

Fisher can rattle off words at an extraordinary rate.

Jimbo Fisher in ESPN’s broadcast booth during the 2017 Belk Bowl.

Jimbo Fisher is a fast talker.

The new Texas A&M football coach visited ESPN’s broadcast during the Aggies’ Belk Bowl against Wake Forest on Friday — the last A&M game before Fisher takes over full-time. During an extended chat with play-by-play man Jason Benetti and color commentator Kelly Stouffer, Fisher reminded America that he talks rapidly.

Watch closed captioning try to keep up with Fisher’s football analysis:

Fisher was in the midst of some extended discussion about how to execute a back-shoulder throw from a quarterback to a receiver. What he had to say was insightful: A receiver can’t make it obvious to the defense that he’s about to turn and try a back-shoulder catch, because then the defense can sit on that route and stop it.

But Fisher talks at a breakneck pace, and the captioning — despite a valiant effort — got left in the dust of Fisher’s actual words. Fisher starts out only two or three seconds ahead of the text displaying his comments on screen, but the text falls further and further behind as his explanation goes on. A good effort anyway!

Fisher is known as one of the fastest talkers anywhere.

In 2014, SB Nation’s Bud Elliott wrote this piece, titled “The impossible task of transcribing Jimbo Fisher.” Let’s hear from a professional transcriptionist whose job was to write out everything Fisher said during media availabilities:

Meet Kristen Humphrey, the woman in charge of transcribing Jimbo Fisher's weekly press conferences for ASAP Sports, a transcription service. I spotted her typing furiously on a machine resembling that used by a court reporter and caught up with her after to ask about Fisher.

"He's the toughest in sports," Humphrey said, shaking her head. "He talks twice as fast as others I have to transcribe."

How fast? Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson spoke for 22 minutes Friday and the transcript was five pages. Fisher spoke for 23 minutes and produced seven pages. Trying, and failing, to record what Fisher is saying is a rite of passage for new members on the Florida State beat -- a burden now eased thanks to transcripts of Fisher's weekly press conference and his post-game address, provided by Humprey.

She uses a machine similar to that of a court reporter that has been modified specifically for sports, with a predictive sports dictionary.

"I can write about 250 words per minute with my machine, and Jimbo well exceeds that capacity. He's upwards of 350," Humphrey said.

You cannot talk as quickly as Jimbo Fisher can talk.