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New Mexico State wins its first bowl since 1960 with an OT walk-off TD and field-storming

It’s been awhile.

This overtime TD by Larry Rose III reverberates way further than just the field in Tucson on this night during the Arizona Bowl.

If you’ve got any connection to New Mexico State or even just college football in general than this is cool.

Bowls may be just glorified exhibitions, but it’s been nearly 60 years since New Mexico State appeared in or won one of those exhibitions. The Aggies most recently appeared in the postseason back in 1960.

The fans celebrated the feat by rushing a field that isn’t at their home stadium.

You gotta put this whole thing into context though. This was the scene after their sixth regular season win.

NMSU has been fielding a top-division team for nearly 85 years. The Aggies hadn’t been rewarded with a bowl bid in nearly six decades. Watching on mute as fans storm the field, players embrace, and head coach Doug Martin cries through his postgame interview, you’d think they’d just won the national title.

It may not mean much in the grand scheme of college football, but for a night it’s a great moment for New Mexico State.