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Look at these USC cheerleaders cheering their hearts out during a bench-clearing Cotton Bowl shoving match

Cheering never stops.

The result was academic, but USC was certainly still fighting Ohio State (literally) in the Cotton Bowl loss.

This mini fracas led to an ejection, and a personal foul penalty. We’ve all seen worse on a football field, and it’s the garden variety thing where a teammate sees another teammate get wronged and tries to step in and assert himself.

But beyond the shovin’, let me draw your attention to the two groups of USC cheerleaders who have me legitimately laughing out loud.

First, the group of Song Girls on the periphery. One is clearly pantomiming the machismo being exhibited by the players. They’re having a good old time.

But on the other side of the scrap, there are other USC cheerleaders who are impressively dedicated to their craft.

Look at em just rah-rahing away, and bopping to their own rhythms trying to keep the cardinal and gold fans amused. They even turn to face the scrap and keep jumping up and down. Not until the last possible second do they abandon their post and bail.

We can all learn a lot from this. Even against insurmountable odds and like 100 football players shoving each other, the cheering must go on.