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Saquon Barkley just ran 92 YARDS for a crippling Fiesta Bowl TD against Washington

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There goes that running back, again.

Saquon Barkley is college football’s most prolific one-man highlight reel. In Saturday’s Fiesta Bowl against Washington, Barkley added one of his best yet.

That’s a 92-freaking-yard touchdown jaunt for one of the country’s greatest players, a Fiesta Bowl record run.

It put Penn State ahead 28-7 in the second quarter. That’s usually insurmountable.

Barkley’s line opened a hole for him, which was cool, but this was largely a one-man show. Barkley personally outraced the entire Washington linebacking and secondary corps, and I started to feel bad for them while they tried to catch him.

Barkley is so casually great that there’s nothing at all surprising about this. He does this to someone several times per season, and he did it to USC in the Rose Bowl last season. That run was a little more horizontal than this one, but still great:

This game is probably Barkley’s last as a college player. The junior is going to be a high NFL pick in the spring of 2018 if he wants to be. It’s been fun having him.