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MARK RICHT hit with unsportsmanlike penalty while grabbing an official and being held back

Brother Richt is human after all.

Miami head coach Mark Richt isn’t exactly known for his temper, but these things happen from time to time. Late in the second quarter of the Orange Bowl against Wisconsin, here was the scene, with Richt grabbing an official by the arm (a major no-no — a Kentucky player was booted for less a day prior) as an assistant attempts to separate the sides:

That dustup meant a 15-yard flag on the normally mild-mannered Richt, meaning one more will equal an automatic ejection (needless to say, Richt was not selected during our First Coach To Be Ejected draft). The Badgers scored a touchdown on the next play.

What set him off?

Asked by ESPN while coming off the field, Richt barked, “If you watch the tape, you’ll see.”

Pretty sure it was the lack of a holding call on the Wisconsin blocker in the backfield here:

This isn’t the first time Richt’s ever been flagged as a head coach.

In the SEC, he had a long rivalry with official Penn Wagers after the 2007 Dawgs stampeded the end zone in celebration of a touchdown against Florida. In 2013, Wagers rang up Richt for sarcastically praising Wagers’ performance.