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Watch the 2017 Piesman Trophy award ceremony right here

College football’s most fun trophy gets handed out Friday night, and you can watch on SB Nation’s YouTube.

The 2017 Piesman Trophy Ceremony will begin Friday evening, and the third annual SB Nation award will be given to college football’s most outstanding lineman. A few years ago, we came up with the award to have some fun.

The award is given to linemen who do un-lineman-like things. Specifically, it’s an award for offensive or defensive linemen who catch, throw, or run with the ball. Our voting panel is made up of staff members here and at other places that cover college football. We also have a fan ballot that counts toward the final tally.

How to watch the 2017 Piesman Trophy Ceremony

When: 7:30 p.m. ET

Where: New York City


Our explainer for the award covers a lot about its inception, and why we decided to create the award in the first place:

What’s the trophy look like?

When did the Piesman begin?

The 2015 season.

Who are this year’s finalists?

Meet St. Francis’ Louie Gartner, Wyoming’s Carl Granderson, and Heidelberg’s Brock Riggs. They emerged from a ballot of 21 contenders for those spots.

The 2016 winner was Pitt’s Brian O’Neill, who caught a lateral that functioned as a surprise screen pass and ran it home for a touchdown:

"College football fans know that success on either side of the ball starts with the linemen, the often unsung heroes of the team,” says my colleague Ryan Nanni, godfather of the Piesman. “We're proud to give out an award that gives these guys the celebration they deserve, because we think there's nothing more exciting than a touchdown or interception or long pass from a player you weren't expecting it from.”

Finalists have included players from the FBS power conferences, the Group of 5, the FCS, and Division III. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to appreciate some of those players’ contributions to college football being as fun as it is.