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Jim Harbaugh got Finebaum to change his name to Pete on his show


All appeared to be quiet on the home front during a Thursday night during the college football offseason. But then, right on cue, Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh decided to air his grievances against the one and only Pete Finebaum. Yes, we said Pete.

One day after this, Finebaum decided to play along with the Michigan head coach by changing his show’s graphics and Twitter handle to say Pete Finebaum.

You see, the Finebaum vs. Michigan/Harbaugh narrative isn’t exactly new. Michigan is a popular topic of conversation on The Paul Finebaum Show. Last October, after it was revealed that Harbaugh’s salary at Michigan was $9 million a year, Finebaum said in a nutshell he didn’t think he was worth that kind of money.

“What has he done,” Finebaum said via Land of 10. “He doesn’t have what I would consider a signature win. He hasn’t beaten his rival yet. It’s $9 million, and quite frankly it’s a lot of money and I don’t think he’s worth it.”

Last December, he said Michigan fans were among the most arrogant in college football, especially after Harbaugh’s arrival.

“And I’ve never met a Michigan fan that had an ounce of humility or didn’t think his team was the greatest of all time, regardless of their record,” Finebaum said. “Especially since Jim Harbaugh arrived.”

Given this unprompted rant, Finebuam was then asked to name the most arrogant fan base in college football.

“Michigan fans lately have been the worst,” he replied. “Because they have won, let’s see, half a national championship in about 60 years, and they talk like they’re Alabama, Ohio State, [USC], Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Penn State wrapped into one.”

Oh, and around this time last year, he called Harbaugh the Donald Trump of college football, when discussing the SEC’s criticism of Harbaugh, especially when it comes to his recruiting satellite camps.

“For whatever reason, the SEC coaches will not learn.” Finebaum said via For The Win. They have to keep reacting to this guy. It’s like Rubio and Kasich and Bush all reacting to Donald Trump. That’s what he wants. And the Donald Trump of college football, Jim Harbaugh, wants Greg Sankey and Hugh Freeze and Butch Jones and Gus Malzahn and Bret Bielema to all get their panties in a wad and make it an even a bigger story.”

We’ll see if Harbaugh’s firing back at Pete — I mean, Paul — warrants a response from Finebaum. One can guess that yeah, we’re probably not going to hear the last of Finebaum vs. Harbaugh.