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‘Last Chance U’s’ Clint Trickett joining Lane Kiffin at FAU after being at Alabama for less than a month

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Kiffin’s staffing up.

On Friday afternoon, FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman reported the FAU is getting a new TE coach.

Perhaps you remember Clint Trickett. The former Florida State and West Virginia quarterback retired from the game due to head injuries. Trickett would become a QB coach at East Mississippi Community College in 2015, and that’s where you probably recognize the name from. EMCC is the school featured in the Netflix show Last Chance U.

Trickett parlayed that two-year coaching stint into a GA position at Alabama, which the school announced in late January. Trickett already has humorous history with Nick Saban given the fact that as a child, Trickett kissed Saban’s daughter, Kristen. It’s something even Nick was able to have fun with, so it’s noteworthy in that regard.

But Clint’s stint in Tuscaloosa won’t end up lasting long as he’s on to Boca Raton, following former Bama OC Lane Kiffin to Florida Atlantic. This means that at least one Trickett will remain on staff at FAU. Clint’s brother, Travis, was previously on the FAU staff and was hired at Georgia State in December.