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NFL Draft prospect Samaje Perine proposes to his girlfriend with magic trick

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At the end of the day, the real magic was in their hearts.

Since this is the week of love, Samaje Perine made the most of it, proposing to his girlfriend of five years named Meg.

Even the hardest of hearts will melt with this rather elaborate proposal.

He enlisted magician Daniel Fernandez, and Perine is cool as a cucumber throughout probably the biggest day of his life to date, even telling his agent that he wasn’t nervous. He also paid Hernandez in 10 Starbucks gift cards, which is also good.

After a few tricks in front of a big group, Fernandez asks Perine and his girlfriend to come up front and does a trick in which he has them each write what each other means to them on a playing card. They fold them up put them in their mouths, and then kiss, and the cards switch via magic. The new card in Meg’s mouth reads “you’re my everything, will you marry me.”

Ain’t love great?