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Oh look, Kansas State made ‘Texas state champs’ t-shirts again

The Wildcats are currently on a winning streak against every Texas team they've played.

Kansas State football has managed to do something that’s pretty impressive in recent years: Consistently beat schools from the state of Texas. The latest win came over Texas A&M in the Texas Bowl last December. The victory brought K-State’s win total against Texas schools in 2016 to 5-0, having Big 12 wins over Texas Tech, Texas, Baylor, and, TCU coming during the season.

Naturally, K-State got some t-shirts to commemorate the accomplishment. Wildcats AD John Currie posted photos of them from his Twitter account.

Via @John_Currie
Via @John_Currie

This actually isn’t the first type of these shirts that Kansas State has made. Here was 2011's version, after the Wildcats beat all four of the Big 12’s Texas programs, which still included A&M at the time, prior to the Aggies’ move to the SEC in 2012.

Overall, the Wildcats and head coach Bill Snyder have fared well against schools from the Lone Star State.

Snyder took three years away from coaching K-State between 2005 and 2009, but these wins are all his. Texas has 12 FBS programs, and Snyder is nine for nine in his most recent game against each one he’s played. The Wildcats have never had a game against Houston, SMU, or Texas State, which is probably good for all of those schools.

Kansas State’s all-time records against Texas teams are also generally good. The Wildcats are 10-7 against Texas, 8-8 against A&M, 8-6 against Baylor, 5-5 against TCU, and 8-9 against Texas Tech.

Kansas State didn’t just win the Texas Bowl over TAMU last year — it also look home the victory in the rodeo that precedes the Texas bowl each year. One K-State assistant even said the Wildcats “rodeo-ed the bleep out of” the Aggies.

So it appears for now, K-State undoubtedly has Texas schools’ numbers. We’ll see what 2017 holds for the Wildcats’ streak.