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When Texas head coach Tom Herman worked at Subway, he called himself a 'sub contractor'

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This is actually brilliant.

We’ve all had former jobs we either endured or enjoyed before getting to our current professional destination. One of Texas head coach Tom Herman’s, who was hired as the Longhorns’ new coach last December, was at Subway. In a recent interview with the Dallas Morning News, Herman ranks all nine of his previous jobs he held before getting into coaching. Included are working at a tuxedo shop, a batting cage, various sports radio stops, and even a gig with the NFL on Fox.

Instead of telling people he made sandwiches for the sub chain franchise, he came up with a much more complex way of saying it.

"When people said, 'Hey, what do you do?' I would say, 'I'm a Subcontractor. Or Submarine contractor."

However, Herman’s stint as a sandwich maker didn’t last long, as the head coach goes on to say that he was fired at Subway for eating massive amounts of pastrami while he was working. Or as he perfectly puts it: “Throwing meat in his mouth.”

"I used to love the pastrami," he says. "They had those big walk-in refrigerators. I was standing in there one day, with the door shut, just throwing pastrami in my mouth.

"I was like something out of a movie. I've got this bin of meat, throwing meat in my mouth, the door swings open and it's the owner.

"He goes, 'Get out. Don't come back.'"

Look, if I worked at Subway I can confidently tell you that I would definitely try to get some free cold cuts in, so I can’t really fault Herman here.

Shortly after Herman was hired at Texas, he showed us exactly how hard work can definitely pay off. After his rookie position coaching gig at Texas Lutheran, Herman spent two seasons as a graduate assistant in Austin in 1999 and 2000. He showed off that he still had the business card from those days.

Lesson of the day: Dream big, current Subway sandwich makers!