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As of this exact second, Kansas still has a top-10 football recruiting class

It’s already tumbling back down to earth, but it’s still a thing to admire.

The Kansas Jayhawks are coming for us all.

After a strong week, the lowly Jayhawks were, as of early February, the holders of a 2018 recruiting class that was better than that of any team in the country except Penn State, Miami, and Florida State. This is despite KU finishing four of the last six Signing Days ranked in the 60s or worse.

That includes you, Alabama.

I don’t know what’s in the water in Lawrence, but whatever it is, David Beaty better bottle it and hold it near and dear to his heart forever. This month, Beaty got verbals from three four-star recruits. WR JaMarr Chase, WR Devonta Jason, and CB Corione Harris all committed to the Jayhawks, part of a load of six early KU commits from Louisiana.

The specific ranking for KU at this point has a lot to do with how recruiting rankings work, especially early on in the cycle.

The Jayhawks became one of only eight teams in the country with more than six commits in their 2018 recruiting classes. And the fact that three of those commits were already four-stars in the cycle boosted the class even more.

Early recruiting rankings have plenty of problems, including the fact that they’re this early. Some players still haven’t been evaluated, and because of that you’ll get players rising and falling as the rankings update. But early rankings feed the beast, evidenced clearly by the fact that you’re reading this story published on this website.

Releasing the rankings in January allows producers to keep the fans satisfied by publishing five or six updates before the rankings could most accurately be published. Each update means fans of the teams to which the rising prospects are committed get happy and fans of a team whose prospects fall in the rankings get mad. It generates news and traffic.

Each of those four-stars were immediately in the top five of all-time Kansas commits since recruiting rankings became en vogue back in 2000.

Each are top-10 players in the state of Louisiana as well at this point. That didn’t bode well for Kansas, because of the fierce competition for those players.

Sure enough, on Feb. 12, four-star Chase decommitted. He was followed four days later by Louisiana three-star DT Nelson Jenkins, who flipped to LSU.

There is an extremely long way to go in this recruiting cycle before Signing Day 2018, but this is a splash for the Jayhawks whether these guys sign or not. So even though this class is already out of the top five, let’s still gaze at KU appearing in the top 10:

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