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I need you to look at Mike Gundy with a pissed-off rattlesnake around his neck

Coach has nabbed himself a rascal!

I’m not a premier Oklahoma authority, but I’d like to propose to you that Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy is the most Oklahoma man alive. The latest evidence:

This photo was posted during the first half of OSU’s March Madness game against Michigan, indicating this rattler hunt just could not wait. (These things are usually scheduled in advance, and based on the score as of that exact second, Gundy’s wrangling was good luck for the Pokes.)


Even the flyer for the next big rattler event in Okeene is basically just OSU’s mascot:

Other things to keep in mind, regarding Gundy’s Oklahoma cred: he’s a state lifer who was Barry Sanders’ QB at OSU in the 1980s and has coached in Stillwater almost every year since 1989, his boss is an oil and gas billionaire, and he recently showed up ready to grapple in order to promote OSU’s renowned wrestling team.

And the mullet! We can’t ever forget the mullet when discussing Gundy’s Heartland credentials. Current state of the Arkansas Waterfall, the Tennessee Top Hat, the Stillwater Spillover, the Canadian Passport, the People Paddle:

Absolutely blooming.