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Watch Jim Harbaugh literally scream about his love for peanuts

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He’s a very passionate guy.

We may be far off from the college football season, but that doesn’t mean Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has stopped being heated about various things. Most recently, Harbaugh appeared in a video for Planter’s Peanuts, where he screamed loudly about his love and affinity for peanuts.

According to an official release from Planters, the company’s Shout for Nuts vending machine dispenses Planters peanuts when fans shout “I love nuts” into it. recently caught up with Harbaugh about how this came about, and asked what his beef is with the peanut machine.

No beef. Just have a craving for peanuts. And shouting to get peanuts from the vending machine. Kind of channeling the ballpark guy: GET YOUR PEANUTS! PEANUTS HERE! GET YER PEANUTS! I think they enlisted me because I’ve got a great coach voice. It’s gonna be going around the country, and it's an opportunity for people to get peanuts. And mixed nuts!

He also admitted that he’s “a big peanut guy.” Harbaugh went on to say that his favorite food that features the peanut is a classic peanut butter and jelly.

I enjoy the classic peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with the extra crunchy peanuts. And also, from time to time, I like to put the classic potato chip for extra crunch. And milk! Washing it down with milk.

I’ve put chips in my peanut and butter sandwich before and folks, it is actually quite delicious. But I digress.

The Michigan third-year head coach has had some strong opinions and reactions in the past. After the Wolverines lost to Ohio State, Harbaugh was critical of the referees, both during and after the game.

Harbaugh was also caught on camera screaming “YOU F***ERS” during a game lat October against Wisconsin.


He also has had some hot takes regarding milk — specifically, skim milk. He went on the Dan Patrick Show last September and made it very clear that he doesn’t drink that “candy-ass milk.”

In April 2016, the Michigan head coach made an appearance on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. There, he revealed that his affinity for milk — whole milk, to be specific — began when he heard that drinking milk builds strong bones. So in the third grade, he got a job at his elementary school distributing milk to the students. Here’s an excerpt from Harbaugh’s conversation about the job to Real Sports’ Andrea Kremer.

“The pay was a free milk every day, plus the ability to drink the milk of the kids who weren’t there or who didn’t want their milk.

"I drank a lot of milk, Andrea," he says. "A lot of milk. Whole milk, though. Not the candy ass two percent or skim milk."

So to sum all this up up: Milk, referees, and peanuts are just a few things that Harbaugh is very, very passionate about. You can watch some of the behind-the-scenes clips from Harbaugh yelling at the peanut machine here.