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Mike Leach got kicked out of P.E. square dancing when he was young

But let it be known that he was “borderline great” at dodgeball.

NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-Minnesota vs Washington State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever wondered what Washington State head coach Mike Leach’s dance moves look like? Well, you’re in luck — sort of. On Wednesday, during a spring football press conference, Leach was asked about his starting cornerback, Marcellus Pippins, and his dance moves around the team that he’s become known for. Leach went on to say that dancing has never been has never really been his thing.

Alright there’s a lot going on here, so let’s break it all down. First — apparently Leach is from Scandinavian descent, which means he’s already self-conscious about dancing, noted. The highlight here, in my personal opinion, is that Leach got kicked out of square dancing during P.E. class when he was in school. I mean seriously, getting kicked out of P.E. class, let alone a dancing portion of it, I feel like is an accomplishment in itself.

But, his “tread water in place and make it go away” description of how he dances is pretty spot-on for my own personal stance on dancing. It’s usually just some swaying or jumping around until the song changes and I’m not being forced to move around and act way more into a song than I actually am.

If you aren’t familiar or haven’t seen the show Seinfeld from the late 1980s and 90s, here are the Elaine dance moves that Leach was referring to.

And lastly, Leach adds that he was “borderline great” at dodgeball, which doesn’t surprise me in the least bit whatsoever.

But back to Pippins, Leach’s dancing cornerback. The Cougars head coach says he encourages it because of both how good it is, and the energy it brings to the locker room. I mean look at this, the dude has got some moves.

"It's just something that I do to get ready for a game," Pippins said via ESPN. "When I'm dancing, it means I'm hype and ready to make a play."

Hopefully, Pippins can convince Leach to show us some of his treading water dance moves that got him kicked out of P.E. square dancing class at some point next season.