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Bob Stoops worked out at Oklahoma's pro day. Let me explain.

Look at Big Game Bob get after it.

Oh, you thought Pro Day was only for players? If you thought that about Oklahoma, you would be very wrong. Bob Stoops took part in the proceedings on Wednesday by working out on a stair-climber while his former players looked to impress NFL scouts.

The issue of coaches staying healthy is actually a fairly interesting one. Like you and me, coaches get a little doughy around the midsection as the years go by, and they’ve got to stay in shape. Also similar to you and me, coaches don’t have much free time.

If you aren’t going to get in a workout before the sun rises like P.J. Fleck, you’ve got to figure something out.

Coaches don’t have to go to the gym like the rest of us, obviously. They have multimillion dollar workout facilities mere steps away from their offices. Some coaches, like Washington’s Chris Petersen, even have a shower in their office to wash away the stink.

Some, like Stoops, kill two birds with one stone by being present to lend support while getting his heart rate up at the same time.