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People are actually scalping tickets at Ohio State’s SPRING football game

Demand is real in these streets.

You think your spring game’s a big deal? Why don’t you go to Columbus, Ohio where the demand is so high for spring games that people have resorted to scalping.

The broader context is that spring games are no joke lately at Ohio State. Typically, the crowds look like this:

Ohio State Spring Game Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Four of the highest attended spring games of all time belong to the Buckeyes, and the last two seasons each set records. This year, the game is sold out, with tickets going for $5 each at face value. But this year, the game’s attendance won’t get to six figures:

Due to renovation to Ohio Stadium’s C-Deck, plus a 20% chance of rain, the Buckeyes are going to have at least 20% less fans than the 100,000+ they’ve showcased each of the past two seasons.

Some 82,000 are expected to pack the Horseshoe, so it’s still going to more than double all but a few schools in spring game attendance.