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Watch LSU players imitate Coach O’s voice

Who among us hasn’t tried to do the same?

Our neighborhood gravely voiced Cajun uncle, Ed Orgeron, is famous for one thing: his voice. And LSU’s players went on camera to do their best impressions.

But despite all the impressions (and I must admit that even I’ve done my own in private), there can only be one Coach O. Orgeron’s dialect is homegrown right in the state, as he’s a native of Larose, La. And his dulcet tone was prominent in one of the best coach commercials in recent memory.

He probably has the best voicemail greeting in the history of the device, as evidenced by the time a radio station cold-called him and got to hear his rendition of LSU’s fight song.

Orgeron also had a cameo role in the movie Blindside, in which he played himself and that gravely baritone graced the silver screen.

Orgeron is something of a college football cult hero, and it’s easy to understand why once you hear that voice.