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Vanderbilt football made a sorority recruitment video, and it was hilarious

Job well done, boys.

It’s the college football offseason, and Vanderbilt’s football players decided to have some fun by making their own sorority recruitment video. If you aren’t familiar with what exactly this is, that’s OK, because the Commodores captured it perfectly. Basically, think of an advertisement for a sorority. But instead of young women here, this is one with football players, and the result is hilarious.

Commodore tight end Sam Dobbs shot and edited the whole thing — my personal favorite moment was this twerk-cartwheel combo that I honestly did not see coming.

Oh, and the glitter blowing was another quality touch.

Dobbs has shot videos featuring his teammates before. One of them, which was posted to YouTube last year, humorously depicted all the different types of stereotypes that exist on the field, like The Know-It-All Quarterback and The Snapchat King.

Shoutout to Dobbs for making this second sorority recruitment video, as it is pretty funny. And as a member of a sorority for four years in college, I can confidently say this is pretty accurate.