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The Miami Beach Bowl is moving to Texas, and its new name is quite boring

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The bowl will be played in Frisco, Texas from now on.

Miami Beach Bowl - Tulsa v Central Michigan Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Last month, the Miami Beach Bowl announced that it was moving from the South Florida city after just three years. The bowl, which pits teams from the American Athletic Conference team against a MAC team, was been played in Marlins Park, the baseball stadium for the MLB’s Miami Marlins. But the game has been moved out of the state of Florida entirely, and will be played in Frisco, Texas instead.

The city of Frisco lies north of Dallas. On Tuesday, the bowl’s new name was officially announced as “The Frisco Bowl.”

This name is fine, but it’s pretty boring overall. We do still wish the bowl had selected some of the name suggestions the the SB Nation staff came up last month.

Louis Bien: “Frisco Beach Bowl”

Kurt Mensching: “Miami Beach Bowl at Frisco”

Harry Lyles Jr.: “Steak and Shake Frisco Melt Bowl”

Matt Ufford: “Miami Beach Bowl of Central Texas”

Mark Hinog: “Miami Beach Bowl: Texas Edition”

Matt Ufford: “Finally Safe From Erosion Bowl”

Morgan Moriarty: “Miami Beach In the Heart of Texas Bowl”

Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman reported that the bowl has been acquired by ESPN. McMurphy additionally reported that the game’s new venue will Toyota Stadium, which is the home to FC Dallas, a Major League Soccer team. The stadium has a capacity of 20,500 people.

Vancouver Whitecaps v FC Dallas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images
Chivas USA v FC Dallas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Although the Miami Beach Bowl has been around for just three seasons, but there have been some memorable moments. Most notably, the first Beach Bowl matchup between Memphis and BYU ended in a nasty brawl involving sucker punches and helmets used as weapons.

Last year, the crowd turnout for the Monday afternoon kickoff for the Tulsa Central Michigan matchup was ... not great.

We’ll see whether the crowd turnout will be better in a new stadium and city.