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Shane Lee is a 5-star LB who doesn’t watch football on TV

He’s got more productive things to do, and that’s OK.

Shane Lee

You would think that one of the best prep prospects would have their eyes glued on the TV screen whenever the game’s on, but not five-star LB Shane Lee. The Washington D.C. product told SB Nation he’s more predisposed to doing something other than watching the tube, much like most millennials.

“I don’t really watch football,” Lee said. “I don’t really watch TV, I’m usually working out.”

Former Florida defensive tackle Dominique Easley was the same way, telling reporters that he’d rather play football than watch it. And Easley had a predisposition to cartoons.

And that makes this quote even more believable and even funnier because of it.

Don’t think that Lee isn’t a student of the game, however. When asked who he models his game after, he had an answer.

“Patrick Willis,” Lee said. “I think we’re kinda built the same so I definitely look at his tape and his highlights. He’s a great player.“

Right now, Lee’s recruiting process is wide open. Nobody’s leading and if you’ve offered Lee, you’re in his good graces. For now, the list is long for schools that have shown interest.

“Maryland, Michigan, Penn State, Pitt, Clemson, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State,” Lee said.

He may not watch TV, but he’ll certainly be on TV if he ends up playing for any of those teams.