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PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: ESPN’s rough day and turnover in the Bear Raid

And having Steve Spurrier as your formative football experience isn’t a bad way to go about life.

NCAA Football: Miami Beach Bowl-Central Michigan vs Tulsa Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Godfrey’s out on paternity, so it’s Richard Johnson off the bench!


  • ESPN's getting out of the breaking news business
  • Frank Haith and delaying Year 0
  • Tulsa, turnover in the Bear Raid, and 1991
  • Steve Spurrier as formative football experience and why the Gators don't leave the state
  • Running the single wing
  • Bag men and unofficial recruiting visits
  • Larry Coker's legacy
  • The hardest position groups to project re: recruiting
  • The CORRECT G5 champions league layout
  • Why MWC teams run the ball
  • Shut up, Missouri's perfectly happy in the SEC