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NFL draft 2017 picks by college conference: Well, the SEC wins again

The ACC isn’t far behind, while the Big 12 is ... way down there.

SEC Championship - Alabama v Florida Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Pick-by-pick results are here, but if you want some conference bragging rights stuff, here are raw picks numbers:

2017 NFL draft picks by conference

Conference Picks Picks per school
Conference Picks Picks per school
SEC 53 3.79
ACC 43 3.07
Pac-12 36 3
Big Ten 35 2.5
AAC 15 1.25
Big 12 14 1.4
MAC 11 0.85
C-USA 9 0.69
MWC 8 0.67
Sun Belt 5 0.45
Independent 3 Uh, 1.5
GSC 2 0.22
SIAC 2 0.2
MVFC 2 0.2
Pioneer 2 0.18
CAA 2 0.17
Big Sky 2 0.15
Transitioning FBS 1 Well, it's Coastal Carolina
Patriot 1 0.14
SoCon 1 0.11
SWAC 1 0.1
MEAC 1 0.09
Southland 1 0.09
GAC 1 0.08
GLIAC 1 0.07
PSAC 1 0.06

We’ll have some cooler numbers coming later this weekend, but that’s a nice start.

The SEC wins, as basically always. It has the best recruiting and spends a trillion dollars on coaches and gadgets to help those players along, so none of this is a surprise.

The ACC and Pac-12 both performed well, with each school averaging about three picks throughout the class.

The Big 12 had a horrible weekend. I’d like to talk about that part now.

  • It fell behind the mid-major AAC in total picks and not faring much better in average picks per team.
  • Three other mid-majors aren’t too far behind the Big 12, either.
  • If you took out Oklahoma, the Big 12 would’ve ranked right in the middle of the mid-majors.
  • If we counted all FCS teams in one group, the Big 12 would rank behind that one as well.
  • If you made a conference of teams that left the Big 12 (Texas A&M, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska), it would’ve had 11 picks, or just about as many as the entire remaining Big 12.
  • That’s about all I have to say about the Big 12. How about you?