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Fresno State football’s Twitter recruiting graphics strategy: go weird

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We have some questions.

Social media graphics are something a good amount of college football programs do on Twitter. Sometimes the practice can be extremely petty, but other times it can be just kinda weird, like what happened at Florida a few years ago what’s happening now at Fresno State.

This is Fresno State’s offensive line coach photoshopped into a St. Patrick’s Day graphic.

These are dogs. Not bulldogs, the mascot of the school, but just some regular dogs:

This is Fresno State staying topical with the latest Hollywood movies:

This is coach Tedford excited for a Blake Shelton concert:

Here’s a Big Sean album cover, with some animals added.

Fresno State is good at Photoshop, though.

Now, we graded coaching ‘shops a couple of months ago. It’s the little-known art of subtly changing some colors here and there to put your new coach’s gear on. Tedford’s ‘shop was on our list because he got hired last offseason:

This is absolutely a Cal sweatshirt (Tedford’s former employer), but they’ve played with the shading to make it look more Fresno State-y. It should be noted that it is likely not Tedford himself doing the photoshopping or the tweeting, but whoever’s behind the artwork has taken things up a level to a much different place.