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College football is good, but Friday college football is bad

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The Big Ten’s having an internal crisis over Friday scheduling. We can all agree that there are better days for college football.

NCAA Football: Nevada at San Jose State Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

You might've heard about Big Ten members and constituents making a big fuss over the conference expanding its football schedule to include Friday nights. Fans, coaches, schools, and local high schools hate the idea, Iowa's over here trying to make the whole thing illegal in the state, and Northwestern's just moving its Fridayers to Saturday, but it'll make some money, so it'll happen on some level.

The thing is: There's nothing inherent in Big Ten football that makes it especially unworthy of stooping to Friday nights, other than the fact that it hadn't yet. Friday night college football is bad anyway, across the board.

Tuesday MACtion is fine, as are Fun Belt Wednesdays, and Thursdays have been around so long and usually include enough substance to be worthwhile.

But Fridays mean weak schedules, games dragging until 2 a.m. ET just hours before an entire Saturday kicks off, high school games getting stampeded over, and West Coast games that began right after fans clocked out at the surfboard mill, meaning little time to actually fill the stadium.

What are the most treasured moments in the history of Friday college football? Oklahoma State-Iowa State, Mack Brown leaving early. That's it. Otherwise, the weekly Friday lineup is as follows:

  • A slow-bleeding Power 5 blowout
  • A Mountain West game broadcast on Instagram
  • BYU kicking off at, like, 11:999 p.m. ET somehow and not finishing until GameDay

So thank you, Big Ten, for standing against Friday. You have your reasons, but this coalition accepts all who oppose Friday night college football, no matter their motives.


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