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PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: Steve Spurrier alternate history and a Labor Day buffet

SEC Championship

Sleep deprivation and reader questions took us in a weird direction today.

Today’s PAPN topics.

  • How to knock a dog unconscious during a thunderstorm.
  • The wonder of Labor Day weekend (starring Georgia State as Cheddar Bay biscuits).
  • The stat that could change everything for coaches and analytics.
  • What if Steve Spurrier doesn’t take the Florida job, a.k.a. an Earth-Two that features LSU head coach Steve Spurrier and Florida head coach Chan Gailey.
  • Temple’s upside as an athletic program.
  • Which school runs the most archaic offense?
  • Is Danny Etling ... underrated?
  • So the Big 12 falls apart tomorrow — where does each program end up?
  • Jim Leavitt to Kansas State (in 2064, when Bill Snyder retires)?