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Here's Tom Herman swinging a sledgehammer real hard and nearly falling over

Renovations to Texas’ locker rooms began this week.

On Thursday, Texas football began demolition of its locker room, part of the program’s renovations to the facilities. The demo began with head coach Tom Herman taking a swing at the locker room with a sledgehammer:

“You guys know why we’re here,” Herman said to his team before taking the swing. “We’re here because we’re demoing this locker room and we’re committed to giving you guys the best facilities in America, and that starts right now, so I’m going to take a swing, and seniors, you get a little ceremonial swing too.”

Herman took a pretty solid swing at the lockers, and he nearly wiped out after tripping over some sledgehammers that were lying around.

The plans for the renovations, which include an upgraded locker room and other buildings that are a part of the football facilities, were announced in February.

"We're building a foundation of success in many other ways including renovations here at this very facility," Herman said via Sports Day Dallas News. "[Renovations include] a brand new locker room, which we just met on today with the administrators and the architects. We're going to have a renovation of the weight room and a renovation basically of the entire first floor of the [Moncrief Athletic Fieldhouse] in terms of graphics and branding."

We’ll see what Texas’ finished product is with these renovations. As always, upgrading facilities is a huge recruiting pull, so it’s no surprise that Herman wants to do so with his new digs. The Longhorns’ locker room was last upgraded in 2011.