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Mississippi State ends spring game early after player puts brutal hit on teammate

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This is a bad thing to have happen in a glorified scrimmage.

Mississippi State’s annual spring football game ended prematurely on Sunday. The last play of the game was a definitely-illegal hit by defensive back Jonathan Abram on ball-carrier Bennie Braswell III. The NCAA’s targeting rule bans this sort of contact to the head.

The play looked like this:

This is a brutal hit under any circumstance. Braswell bobbled an option pitch and was chasing a fumble with his head down, and Abram launched himself straight into Braswell’s head. Spring games are not played under the most official of college football rules, but this is a textbook example of targeting, anyway. A hit of this nature in a spring game is exceedingly rare, as spring games usually aren’t that intense.

It would’ve been an ejectable hit in a regular game, but in this game, it was simply a day-ender. Whether Abram was defenseless on the play, the contact to his head was so strong that any video crew in college football would’ve called targeting.

The only good news here: