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Notre Dame is scheduling football games 2 entire decades in advance

Preparedness never hurt anybody.

UMass v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

College football plans ahead. It’s common for teams to announce scheduled games more than a decade ahead of time, giving us the chance to joke about which current 9-year-olds will be starting at quarterback. But Notre Dame’s futuristic scheduling is even more extreme than the college norm. The Irish are out to 2037.

About half the participants in the 2037 Notre Dame-Miami game are not currently alive. Some won’t be born for another two years or so.

Notre Dame has a scheduling agreement with the ACC, where it’s a non-football member in some sports while keeping its gridiron independence. The Irish play five games per year against ACC teams, as part of a deal first hatched in 2014. When Notre Dame and the ACC agreed to terms a few years ago, they were planning out games 11 years into the future. This is a significant extension of that.

Declaring anything in this sport “the most” is risky, but I’ve never seen a more far-out bit of scheduling than Notre Dame’s series with Clemson, Miami, NC State, Syracuse, and Wake Forest. Nebraska is scheduling ahead into the 2030s, which is cute, but this is another level of planning ahead.