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Charlie Weis made $1.6 million per win as a college head coach

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Connecticut v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Notre Dame is finally done paying Charlie Weis to go away, having donated $19 million to the cause since his 2009 dismissal. That's so much dough, Weis can now afford to fire Weis.

The man who was able to bank three major college jobs (Notre Dame HC, Florida OC, Kansas HC) off being Tom Brady's coach will likely never land another at that scale but nevertheless has established his place in history as an all-time financial finesse master:

That's $1.6 million per win as a head coach and doesn't even count the money he made as an assistant, though he was overall pretty good as an assistant in the pros.

That is a feat to be praised. Imagine being able to produce wins of such status and memorability that someone would pay you that much more than they're worth for each one, as if they're Panera Bread wins. Nick Saban's out here making only $500,000 or so per win! Not an efficient expenditure.

Let's also remember that time Notre Dame gave Weis a new 10-year deal right after he'd lost a game to fall to 5-2 in his first season. That's the part of this that I can never believe actually happened, but I'm afraid it did.

(This is a good story on Weis, the human person who is smarter than me at football. It's just that he has a lot of money, is all.)

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